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Opening Of A New Gaming Club In Paris

We already told you a few months ago about what a gambling club was on Today is the time to talk about it again, by bouncing on current news. Indeed, we learn that a new gaming club has just opened at the end of April in the capital of our dear French neighbors. Direction Paris !

Sharp and his new club

Thursday April 26, 2018, the large group of Tranchant casinos opened the first gaming club in Paris. A project which in fact saw the light of day under the very new regulations in force in the capital. However, it is a club that does not allow roulette and slot machines… We must not forget that casinos have been banned since 1920 within a radius of 100 km around Paris. A restriction that had been put in place at the time, and still relevant to this day, in order to avoid disturbances to public order. However, the Enghien-les-Bains establishment was the only exception to this regulation.

A judicious and very regulated way of clearing up after the judicial slaughter which had affected, as we explained to you on our portal in December 2016, in recent years several former gaming circles. Parisian establishments nailed for laundering dirty money or for tax evasion against a background of organized crime. We will remind you of these facts a little further down in our article.

The Tranchant group, which currently has no less than 16 casinos in France, has just opened the first gaming club to the public. Located rue Marbeuf, a stone’s throw from the Champs-Élysées, it is in an art deco atmosphere that the establishment will invite its players to indulge in their favorite leisure activities. With the appearance of a luxury liner, the place has small wrought iron balconies that overlook the main room and above all… its game tables. Romain Tranchant, general manager of the family group, said Wednesday April 25 during a press point: “We are the first club to open under the new law, and we should be the only ones during the coming months”.

A coveted market

We must admit that this market is rather juicy and it is for this reason that several casino operators have expressed their interest in opening gaming clubs in Paris. Among the big names, we found for example Barrière or Partouche. The first should even inaugurate its own this summer on the Champs-Élysées. Romain Tranchant sees the establishment of his circle in Paris as obvious, stressing for example in the press that London has no less than 25 gaming clubs.…

The Partouche Empire Strikes Back

Two months ago, a case made a lot of noise in the press around the world of gambling and casinos. Indeed, the Partouche group had been accused of tax evasion and money laundering, just after the arrests of three directors. A case of twists and turns, we are now bringing out the case, because the firm has decided to counter-attack this week. But before bouncing back on this news, it seems wise to remind you a little of the facts …

It was in March 2018 …

We could then see the shares of the Partouche group fall dangerously, by nearly 20%, in the space of a single weekend. The cause of this sudden change? A shock announcement in the media of the arrest of seven members of the firm. Among these people arrested, we will then find three directors. The authorities had therefore visited the 3 Partouche casinos in Bandol, Cannes, and Grande-Motte, following very strong suspicions of tax fraud and money laundering. It’s a safe bet that 2018 will be much more difficult for the group than expected. If Partouche had declared satisfactory results for 2017, the same will certainly not be the case for the 2018 balance sheet.

Illegal poker games

After the investigation we learned that Partouche was in fact concealing large games of poker. The industry giant, number 2 in the casinos of our dear French neighbors, has been in a very bad position since it suffered several attacks from the police. A gloomy affair around a serious case of tax fraud, money laundering and the illegal conduct of games and chance. A police report which is rather worrying for the firm which sees itself accused by the authorities of having organized much larger poker games than what was declared. Games that have taken place in some of the group’s casinos for nearly a year and a half and which in fact took place in a concealed manner. Indeed, those in charge only declared a fraction of the money that was put into play according to the elements that were revealed;

The investigation being in progress, cannot to this day give you more information on these sums for the moment and of precision on these amounts, but we imagine within the drafting that these were exchanged during high-stakes cash-game games, games that could well have involved Partouche executives and public figures …

The Partouche affair

In recent weeks, the three directors and four other people believed to be linked to these parties have already been arrested. The authorities have obviously wasted no time since and carried out searches, more precisely at one of the Partouche directors at the time. You should know that some people would have therefore received commissions, just to organize or silence the holding of these parties, but also to discreetly manage the money laundering that went with it.

This is undoubtedly news that has seriously tarnished Partouche’s reputation in recent months, and which risks severely limiting its ability to invest again this year. Indeed, if the firm had close projects to officially carry out renovations and other work on all of its real estate stock, it risks having to now direct its priority towards another project which will be explained in front of Justice. Not to mention that he will probably have to think about starting to collect the money that will be used to pay the fine and upgrade his tax record. But the Partouche group has not said its last word, as we can then see this first week of May with a twist in the affair: a counter-attack that we are now going to tell you about.